Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weirdest Estate Sale of 2011

Wow. Let me tell you. This was pretty interesting, and really advantageous that I am completely and totally UNafraid of mice.

I was tipped off to this sale near my office by my coworker who is my Thrift Store Thursday co-conspirator. I walked in, and realized that it was 95% garage sale, 5% estate sale. This week is spring break week in our area, so the kiddies were home and they were having fun.

When I went to the kitchen to pay, this little mouse was running out from under the fridge out to where the kids had thrown chunks of Velveeta on the floor. They were patiently waiting to lure this little dude out with the cheese and they had their butterfly nets ready.

I don't think they succeeded in catching him, but the whole family seemed completely unfazed both by the fact that they had a mouse (or many mice...?) or by the fact that, during this event, their kitchen floor was littered with cheese. Hm. Anyway, it reminded me that I need to cultivate a zen mama perspective and not get too uptight about the (very) little things in life. Like mice. Here are some of my recent scores, although none from the "mouse house."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newest Knitting

Hi! I've been on blog hiatus, and it's been really nice, actually. I feel like I may possibly have something to talk about these days, and looking back on my blog over the last few years it's kind of fun to remember all the goings-on in our lives. Since moving to Wisconsin and hooking up with the Yarnivores (my local coffee-shop knitting clutch), life as a knitter has been great. I cannot tell you how much a difference it's made to have this group of ladies to shoot the breeze with and to go to with all my knitting dilemmas. They are also a wealth of ideas and patterns, so my list of knitting to-dos gets longer every week!

Here's a little something that's been on my list for a long time. It's called the Dottie Wrap, and a friend of mine knit one and I fell in love. Mine is not nearly as nice -- I'm actually really bothered that it curls on the edges and my blanket stitch isn't super perfect. However, it's done, and what is SO COOL about it is the vintage buttons along the top. Love that.

So, anyhoo, it's good to be back and hopefully I can keep updating this blog. It's a good outlet for me to babble on about what-nots and what-have-you. And I miss you all when I'm gone.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who has time to blog?

Geesh. I don't have time to do all the things I want to do. Boy is that stating the obvious, right? Who doesn't wish they had more hours in the day? Pretty much everyone needs to prioritize. Why I thought I could be excluded from that party, I'm not sure. Having two kids has made it abundantly clear that less is definitely going to have to be more. So here are the things that I'm thinking about cutting out of my life:
  • This blog; although it doesn't take a ton of time (or rather, I prioritize it way to the bottom and don't give it the time I would like to) but it does require some.
  • My handmade Etsy shop, Pumpkin Girl; this, too, does not take a ton of time (or rather, I can spend time on it when I want to) but it is a bit of a time commitment and I'm lacking inspiration lately.
  • Cleaning my house; I could opt to let it go entirely, or hire someone
  • Geez, there isn't anything that can go!
So, really, if I cut some stuff out I may feel more like a normal person who can like sit down and watch a little TV and do a little knitting. Or, there are about a dozen things I would love to ADD in, in place of what gets cut. Like exercise, cooking, baking, reading a book now and then, making stuff for myself and my kids...friends. But see if I cut something, and then add more in, then I'm kind of back here where I feel like I'm doing too much. Ah, 25th hour in the day (and 26th, 27th and 28th), where are you when I need you? Any recommendations? What do you do to fit all the things in your life that make you happy?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Little Skully Hat

I'm lucky enough to be welcoming lots of other people's babies (OPB) in the future, so I'll be knitting up quite a few little baby items as gifts. I used the Stitch N Bitch pattern for the umbilical cord hat for this one, and a chart from another Stitch N Bitch book for the little yellow skull. I've never knit in color (is that called intarsia??) before, so I had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out.

I love knitting for babies because it's usually so quick. I have such a short attention span! And, I think I also worry that I'll spend a bunch of time knitting a sweater only to have it turn out badly. I just don't have that time to waste, you know? I've got American Idol to watch, after all!