Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Trashmas

We drink a lot at my house. But, we generally drink good beer: Red Stripe, Chimay, New Glarus (couple questionable ones thrown in there: Miller did THAT get in there?!). We bring beer back from the far reaches of the country from wherever we travel. So, I started saving the bottlecaps figuring I'd come up with some creative use for them. Hence, the bottlecap wreath. I'll be making a few of these to sell at No Coast this year, so if you feel the need to celebrate the holidays for the boozin' they inspire, please stop by my booth December 2nd, Lake St. and Chicago Avenue.

Ahhh, makes me think happy thoughts about warm pubs and snowy days...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Recently I had a total craftastrophe involving my super awesome retro red kitchen table (pictured) and the hot end of a soldering iron. Yes, in a complete moment of idiocy, I set the dang thing down on my table and it burned a hole in it. I cried, I stomped my feet, I cursed out loud.

So, what do you do when you have a craftastrophe? Make a craft to cover it up!! This weekend I made a little table runner out of this cute Route 66 fabric I found at Crafty Planet and picked some flowers out of my garden to make it even more intentional-looking. The Route 66 works well with my "Greetings From" postcard border (also pictured). I'm also in the process of making some coordinating kitchen curtains with some great preppie stripey material also from Crafty Planet.

In other super exciting secret news, I'm planning a craft retreat for spring 2007. There will be 12 spots, it will be in Red Wing, and it's going to be relaxing, luxurious and of course, crafty.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

August Already

I can't really believe it's August already. I've only been to the beach once, only planted a few new things in the garden...seems like it slips away so fast. But, what am I lamenting about? I love fall! I can't wait for cozy sweater season!

Yeah, yeah. Right now I love skirts and tees, but I also love weather I can bake in. Today was 86, but I still cranked up the oven for this lovely Blueberry Buttermilk Tart I found on Epicurious!!

In other news, I had my cork floors refinished. They are original to my 1940's house, and I love them.