Monday, September 29, 2008

Good, Wholesome Fun

Last weekend we took a trip out to Afton, MN for a little applepicking. My husband calls this type of wife-originated activity a "bullshit hayride" after an Onion article he read a few years ago. Although I can't do it justice, it was something to the effect of how the girlfriend was always dragging the poor guy to all these lame things like the apple orchard to go on a hayride. But having a kid gives you a free pass, right?

We went on the hayride and all three of us enjoyed every minute of it. Grant mostly liked the big tractor, and I enjoyed not carrying 400 pounds of apples two miles back to our car in the 80 degree heat. And so far the apples have proven a good side benefit -- I made applesauce, an apple almond tart and yesterday, cracked out a recipe for applesauce squash muffins from out of the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook. Er.......WHA? Yes, I have found in my posession something I never thought I would, mostly because no one else wanted it and I stood there as the hot potato was passed, going "what's so bad about it?"

It's actually not a bad cookbook, it's just that the premise is pretty lame. The premise is if your kids hate vegetables, HIDE them in the food. Are you kidding me? I have no comment here, except to say that I will be using the cookbook, and if I want to HIDE vegetables on anyone, it won't be my kid, it will be my husband, and all it will need is a copious amount of cheese.

So anyway, I'm still not sick of apples. Next I want to make some caramel apples. Got any good recipes/instructions for that? I don't feel like unwrapping all those damn caramels!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

No Coast Has a New Face!

I'm really excited to announce that No Coast Craft-o-rama, the big annual craft sale I helped to found, has a new web site. It's beautiful (IMO). It was a total redesign by the masterful Giant Squid Industries. We now have so many things we've always wanted (but weren't sure how to create), like a forum and a place to store all the resources both for those seeking to become crafty business people, and those trying to purchase local handcrafted goods.

Our lovely and talented webmistress Kristen has done such a great job to this point, now I'm scared for her having to learn a new technology! But she's a whiz, and she'll have help, so I'm sure it's going to be a great new adventure for us!

I can't wait to hear from people what they think of the new site. I know there are a few "oopsies" right now, but not too bad for as big a job as it was! What do you think of the new site?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wedding Bells

It was a wedding-filled weekend for us as Mr. Pumpkin's close friend tied the knot today. I missed most of the festivities, but we did swing by the reception mostly to show off Little Pumpkin's new tiesie. Pumpkin had more outfit changes than I did as I realized that the 18 month tiesie was too big and a 12 month tiesie would need to be sewn before we left the house. I have to hand to the kid, he sat on my lap and fiddled a bit with the knobs while I sewed, but he let me get through the project and even allowed me to re-dress him. Pretty spectacular, right?!

The cake was beautiful, even though it apparently went through a bit of a cake-tastrophy in which four layers somehow became one. I didn't get a chance to taste it, but it looked lovely. And the accordian player was a particular favorite, especially after treating Little Pumpkin to "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old MacDonald". What a guy!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm off to sleep! zzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, September 19, 2008

WIP: Sweater for Pumpkin Jr.

A while ago my friend introduced me to Ravelry, the knitting and crochet site that so many get addicted to. Knitting is not my true love, and in fact I often find myself so frustrated by the "delayed gratification" of working on a project for more than a few nights. But, I knew I'd be stuck on a plane and in a hotel room, so I gave the site a try last week when I wanted to find a semi-quick project to take on my business trip. The site is cool, too because you can get pattern ratings and see how other people's projects are turning out.

I found this cute pattern for a ribbed sweater with a button that apparently was from Prima back in 2005. As you can see, I am NOT knitting it in lavender (collective sigh of relief) but in a really great indigo blue. So far, the pattern couldn't be easier. I did have to invest in a few different needles that I didn't have, but otherwise it will be pretty cheap. I chose some sort of acrylic so that I can wash it when it becomes schmeared with sweet potatoes. Yay!

Doesn't feel much like knitting weather here this week. Must be global warming. What's going on in your neck of the woods?

My Kid's Diet: Toilet Paper and Electrical Cords

I thought paste eating was bad, but my Pumpkin loves toilet paper. Is that normal? I mean, it can't taste good, and it has to have little nutritional value. I guess I should consider myself lucky that he's eating clean toilet paper and not grabbing used kleenex out of the garbage or something...oh wait, he's done that, too.

The reason I followed him in the bathroom with my camera was to get a shot of him with his cool rocker baby pants on. I made these using just some basic black cotton and this really great fabric that I got at Crafty Planet for the cuffs. I've been going gangbusters on pants lately trying to get my pattern just right. I like how these fit, for the most part.

I'm thinking about having a kid party at my place for friends and blog friends and their broods. We don't have enough get-togethers with other kid people, for one, and for another thing I'd like to get these kiddos to do product testing and modeling for me. Want to come? How's October 18th looking for ya? Pumpkins? Cider?

Monday, September 08, 2008

I Piddie the Fool Who Doesn't Have Slippers!

I bought the coolest (ever) slippers on Etsy and you MUST get a pair!!! Check me out in my new Piddies slippers! Not only are they adorable, but Baby Pumpkin thinks they're hilarious, Mr. Pumpkin wants a pair "but with boobs on 'em" (of course birds are for girls) and they are super soft and warm! They also have this grippy stuff on the bottom so I hopefully will not kill myself wearing them!

Gotta love it. I put a pair of the whales on Baby Pumpkin's Christmas list so he can sport some too. Unfortunately I don't think they come in "boobs" so my hubby is out of luck there.

Get anything cool lately? Do tell! Fall makes me want to shop!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Some Recycled Pants and a New Flap Hat

I wish I had one of those dry erase boards handy some days for all the remarkably inane things people say, especially to (new) parents. Such as:
--Gettin' any sleep?
--Bet you've got your hands full!
--They grow up so fast!
--Wait til they're (insert age), then the trouble really starts!
--Just hope he doesn't start walking soon, then it's all over!

...the list goes on. Let's make a deal. I'll try not to say any of these things to you, if you try not to say them to me. The one that really sticks in my mind though, and isn't really inane, just interesting, is the constant comments about how I manage to fit in all the crafting time. I present you with another list, in response:
--I don't watch TV
--I have only one child
--My child has a 7 PM bedtime and takes naps (another inane lucky we are!)
--I don't have other hobbies (I'm not well-rounded)
--I don't have friends (well, I do, just don't see them all that often)
--I don't go to the gym, grocery store, do laundry, etc. (house husband)

There you have it. What's my point? My point is that today I made two hats and a pair of pants for the Pumpkin, and all the while I was on "baby duty" all day. I made these pants out of a lame pair of pants I got for myself at a thrift store, and then realized that a grown woman should not be wearing engineer pants, even if they *are* Liz Claiborne. I think they turned out so cute, they just may be making an appearance at our friend's wedding next weekend, paired with a tiesie!

I hope you had a great weekend. We're having a chilly, but nice, one here. Off I go to get my zzzz's! Cuz I just don't get enough of that these days!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Kiddo on Etsy

My mom is a member of the Etsy Street Team "Wild, Wise, Witty Grandmamas" and today they are featured in The Storque, which is Etsy's news feature. The article is all about how the grandmamas are putting on a Meals on Wheels fundraiser that's running through September. As an added bonus, Baby Pumpkin's photo is right front and center, wearing a great hand-embroidered onesie (thanks, Ellen!)! Check it out, and support granny's and Meals on Wheels!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Stay Back, Paparazzi!

My niece turned seven this weekend, so we loaded up the car with the gift, the playpen (like napping would happen, seriously must have been deranged), stroller, a compost bin for my sister, and all kinds of other miscellania. We made it to St. Paul and the car started to act funny. After 172,000 miles, it's got a right, after all. Luckily we got it turned back towards home and coasted into the auto mechanic's just a couple of miles from our house. But by then (and after walking the two miles home from the mechanic) we were all hungry and stressed and had to move all the crap we loaded into one car into our other car. So it was not a great beginning to our day.

We've decided that if the car is kaput, we're okay with it. We really only need one car, and we could use the extra dough we spend on insurance. Still, I'm dreaming of a car with "butt warmers" and my husband's dreaming of a car with a tape player. Mini van, actually (I vetoed this).

The birthday party was fun, even the cat thought it was relaxing. The kids played till Grant shredded the knees of his pants and had to be sponged down to at least remove the top layer of grunge. Poor guy was so tuckered out! The gift I made went over well, the birthday girl got a kick out of the fact that I threw in the leftover fabric which she believes she can use to "make like 1000 barbie dresses!!"

The day was not as camera-happy as our last birthday (baby Pumpkin's), even though we now have three fancy digital SLRs amoung us. My parents and sister now use the Canon Rebel and I'm still loving my Nikon D40. Unfortunately that means that there isn't just one nerd at every party, there's a whole swarm of us, capturing every birthday candle, funny face, or goofy move. As demonstrated above. It's getting ridiculous!