Saturday, September 06, 2008

Some Recycled Pants and a New Flap Hat

I wish I had one of those dry erase boards handy some days for all the remarkably inane things people say, especially to (new) parents. Such as:
--Gettin' any sleep?
--Bet you've got your hands full!
--They grow up so fast!
--Wait til they're (insert age), then the trouble really starts!
--Just hope he doesn't start walking soon, then it's all over!

...the list goes on. Let's make a deal. I'll try not to say any of these things to you, if you try not to say them to me. The one that really sticks in my mind though, and isn't really inane, just interesting, is the constant comments about how I manage to fit in all the crafting time. I present you with another list, in response:
--I don't watch TV
--I have only one child
--My child has a 7 PM bedtime and takes naps (another inane lucky we are!)
--I don't have other hobbies (I'm not well-rounded)
--I don't have friends (well, I do, just don't see them all that often)
--I don't go to the gym, grocery store, do laundry, etc. (house husband)

There you have it. What's my point? My point is that today I made two hats and a pair of pants for the Pumpkin, and all the while I was on "baby duty" all day. I made these pants out of a lame pair of pants I got for myself at a thrift store, and then realized that a grown woman should not be wearing engineer pants, even if they *are* Liz Claiborne. I think they turned out so cute, they just may be making an appearance at our friend's wedding next weekend, paired with a tiesie!

I hope you had a great weekend. We're having a chilly, but nice, one here. Off I go to get my zzzz's! Cuz I just don't get enough of that these days!


Jen said...

Sweet pants!

pink.lemonade said...

did you use a certain pattern for those pants? i need to find a good one and i really love the style (how they aren't tapered at the end) for my little boy.