Monday, September 08, 2008

I Piddie the Fool Who Doesn't Have Slippers!

I bought the coolest (ever) slippers on Etsy and you MUST get a pair!!! Check me out in my new Piddies slippers! Not only are they adorable, but Baby Pumpkin thinks they're hilarious, Mr. Pumpkin wants a pair "but with boobs on 'em" (of course birds are for girls) and they are super soft and warm! They also have this grippy stuff on the bottom so I hopefully will not kill myself wearing them!

Gotta love it. I put a pair of the whales on Baby Pumpkin's Christmas list so he can sport some too. Unfortunately I don't think they come in "boobs" so my hubby is out of luck there.

Get anything cool lately? Do tell! Fall makes me want to shop!!!


Laura said...

THAT is your next sewing project. Boob slippers. If you make them, I promise to buy a pair. Double D please.

DK said...

Did you know that you and your tie onesies are on Inhabitat.

Anonymous said...

boob slippers, heck yeah.