Monday, December 04, 2006

No Coast Craft-o-rama: Big Success!

It was a long weekend in Pumpkin Land! Friday afternoon we trekked over to Midtown Global Market to await the delivery of lots of rented tables for the big event. Willa and I waited in relative calm, just knowing that the storm was about to begin. We've been planning for this all year, and it's a little surreal knowing that people are on their way from Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinios and the far reaches of Minnesota to be part of the festivities.

We were really glad we arrived early to set up tables, and we also got the help of friendly Joel and the Americorps volunteers who arranged lights and moved things around for us.

Around 4 everyone started to arrive for the pre-sale. At that point I got really nervous, because we still hadn't put up all the tables, some spots still looked really dark, and I hadn't placed the signs on each table so the vendors would know where they were situated. Much less, we hadn't unloaded our car or started to worry about setting up our own table yet! But, never fear, Ellen, Trish, Chrissy and various Midtown employees helped get everything in great shape before invited guests arrived.

The pre-sale was very relaxing and I'm glad we had the "dry run" to work out kinks. Most of the vendors were able to leave their stuff on their tables until morning, which made the start of Saturday very un-chaotic (thank goodness!). We sold quite a bit and met some nice shop owners, as well as Arwen from Craft, who was kind enough to blog about us.

Saturday I woke up at 4:15 AM, wide awake and ready to go. Unfortunately, that lead to a very tired Pumpkin Girl for all of Saturday. But, I toughed it out and put on a happy face, until about 5 when I just wanted to sleep, or cry, or both. The day was amazing, with over 8,000 people attending (we expected 5,000). I ate lots of good food, including Huevos con Chorizo, egg rolls, and garlic chicken. I saw lots of friends (thanks for coming Carrie, Brittany, Eric, Becky, Jen, Andy, Meggan, Caitlyn, and everyone who couldn't find me but stopped by). The Roe Family Singers rocked for about four hours and I was sad when they stopped, but I also enjoyed the hip hop step group (of cute young girls) The Sandburg Steppers.

I only bought two things. One, a great necklace from Small Motor Designs and another unmentionable gift for a good friend who couldn't make it.

Mostly, this day was about friendship, family, and crafting your heart out. I have to give MAJOR shout outs to my girls who plan this event with me. I know each and every one of them working long hours and did lots of things they didn't want to or have time to, just to make this so successful. They deserve a big raise (ha! well, a raise from $0 isn't hard to do)! Also, big props to my mom Granny's Closet, who I heard many people say had come early just to get to her table early (she nearly sold out of everything).

Thanks everyone who came and supported the fun, sweet, brilliant designers and craftspeople at No Coast Craft-o-rama 2006. Thanks for supporting me!

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Anonymous said...

so, so nice to read this. makes me feel almost as though i was there! next year. next year. :)