Friday, April 06, 2007

Maybe I'll Try Embroidery Again...

I was so excited today, upon reading my newsletter from Crafty Planet, I discovered that the mastermind behind my cute Pumpkin Girl logo has launched a new Sublime Stitching Pattern! Yes, friends, now you can stitch yourself a cute Kurt Halsey angel, birdie, or other what-not!

I also have to give credit to my good pal Brad, who designed the logo, too, and convinced Kurt to help. Whatta guy.

Anyway, back to embroidery. I once tried Sublime Stitching's Tattoo Pattern and I really liked it. My only problem was deciding what I could embroider stuff on. Only so many pillowcases and dish towels in my house... What do you embroider on?

Okay, off to spend a whopping $3 at Crafty Planet for a new Kurt Halsey embroidery pattern...too adorable.

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