Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Must Buy Magazine and Hometown Hero

I was so excited to pick up a copy of the new magazine by Interweave Arts called Stitch "Creating with Fabric and Thread." I loved the skirt of the cover and I thumbed through the magazine eagerly for more. To my surprise and amazement, the cover skirt was designed by local designer Martha McQuade of Uniform Studio and the magazine included the pattern pieces so I can make it myself. JOY! HAPPINESS! I love Martha's work, and I loved a lot of the other ideas and patterns, too. Maybe I am easily impressed, but it seems like there's a huge void in the world of hip magazines with sewing projects that aren't quilts or clothes [solely] that this magazine is filling, and filling it very well.

This premiere issue of Stitch has a ton of great project ideas and resources, so I'm hoping Interweave makes it a monthly thing. If it does, I hope Santa can deliver it to me every month of 2009. Whadda ya think, Santa?

P.S. Crafty Planet is having a big sale on fabric right now, so drop by and pick up this magazine and a few yards, too!

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UNIFORM Studio said...

Let me know if you make the skirt -and send me a photo!