Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goodbye, Little Blue Craft Room!

It's moving time for me. In just about 5 days, on Christmas eve no less, I'll be packing up a 26' moving truck and heading on down the road to our family's for Christmas, and then on to our new house. We've been needing a change of pace ever since our kiddo was born about two years ago. I'm not sure why, but as the cliche goes, everything changes when you have a kid. And then again, maybe we just felt like staying put was too easy and needed a bit of an adventure. There are a lot of reasons to find a new space, try a new place on for size.

So, as I eagerly await all the new, I'm also trying to take it slow and remember and appreciate all that's old. All our friends, the house that I bought all on my own (before I was married), all the familiar places. Today I packed up my craft room. I'm still not sure if or where or how the new house craft room will pan out, so as I looked at all the stuff -- the BAGS of fabric and the boxes full of yarn, quilt batting, ribbons, buttons...I couldn't help but wonder what I'll make of it all in the new house. I have high hopes, but also realistic expectations. Getting settled somewhere new while being a working mama -- well, the thought of it makes me tired. That's nothing to say about actually doing it and doing it with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and creativity! Hopefully inspiration will hit in my new surroundings! Of course as soon as something's set up, I'll post photos!

If you've got any truck packing (or unpacking!) advice, leave a comment. I could use some tips of the trade. It's been seven years or more since I last had to do this!


Oona said...

You're really going? Dude.

Do you have a knitting project for the drive over? You can't have too many knitting WIP for a long driving trip. And snacks! (And an extra shirt if you're bringing messy snacks, just in case.)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

We're still unpacking boxes from our move three years ago. We found that we had a lot of stuff that we didn't really *need*. If I were doing it over, and if I had more time (we decided to move then did it, in 2 months) I would have purged big time before we moved. The best thing I did manage to do though was to really itemize what was in the boxes. Since so many of them sat for a loooong time before getting unpacked, it was nice to look at the front and know exactly what was in which box. I knew where my alarm clock was in the 7 "bedroom" boxes, and so on.

Good luck to you, and I hope it goes super smoothly.

Happy Holidays!