Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Be Out There

Here's a scary thought. According to some research from the University of Michigan, kids today spend an average 4 - 7 minutes outside per day. That's basically a walk to and from the car and maybe to and from the bus to school. Ugh! The National Wildlife Federation has reacted to the facts with a new campaign, called Be Out There, which encourages parents to get their kids outside through tips, ideas and activities for kids. Check out the Be Out There website. If you're committed to getting your kids outdoors, take the Be Out There Resolution.

I spent lots of quality time outdoors with my family, ice skating on a little pond in our backyard and eating wild onions out of the woods next to our house. We made about 1,000 snowmen and spent many weekends on the dock at our cabin. Now that I have my own kiddo, I am going to have to get out of my "city mouse" mode a little more and get him out fishing, camping and exploring the outdoors. I'm looking forward to the ideas from NWF and putting them to use!

What were your favorite outdoor memories as a kid? Any you can't wait to share with your kids?


KristenMary said...

Cool! Ronan hates being outside these days, it is really hard to find something to do with him. But I have high hopes for the spring. Thanks for the great link! I signed up on their email list.

. said...
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Jen said...

We spent a lot of time outside building forts, running in the sprinkler, riding bikes, etc. We used to bike around Lake Monona and stop for ice cream at least once. That's the only way to make it back up the killer Painted Post hill.

Danielle Brigida said...

Thank you so much for posting about Be Out There and our work at NWF! We love reading stories about families getting outside! Keep up the great work!