Sunday, July 30, 2006

So hot my garbage can melted

It's a sweltering 100 degrees here in the land of -20 below winters. We just aren't used to it. Today we bought a blow up kiddie pool and cooled our dogs and our toes in the icy water. Last week, we had a little mishap with the garbage can. Let's just say don't trust charcoal, no matter how many days (or weeks) it's been cooling. Water it down before you put it in the can, or at least that's what friendly fireman guy told me. Yep, the fireman had to come.

Anyhoo, been working on Christmas ornaments this week (yeah, seems weird, but the No Coast Craft-o-Rama is only 3+ months away!). Also this clothespin hanger. I read an article this week that many developments in the suburbs are banning clotheslines. I've done a lot of thinking about it, and boy am I glad I don't live someplace like that. So, for all you fellow tree-hugging, tradition-keeping people like us, I'll make you a clothespin holder and you can go hang your undees outdoors like it was meant to be.


~A-Lo~ said...

LOL love the garbage can pic ;)
Great blog :)

jen said...

Wow- never would have thought that coals took that long to cool. Yikes!

And I can't believe clotheslines are being outlawed. That is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. Love your clothespin bag.


KristenMary said...

ooh, I like it. Suburbs be damned. (but come to our sale anyway!) ;)

ParkAvePirate said...

You know I have to legally ask you this question...

Were the firemen cute?


PumpkinGirl said...

Um, well, not so much on the cute, but very good at shoveling up the remains of my garbage not making me feel like a total dummy.