Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mama Photo Contest

I love the idea of the Mama Focus Photo Contest by Mama Zine, but I have not a photographer bone in my body. I like to blame my terrible photography on my equipment, but the more likely culprit is me. I just don't have the eye. But, if you do, or if your kid is old enough to take a picture of you, you should enter this contest, or at least visit the Flickr group where the entries are posted. Boy, there are some pretty mamas and some really good photographers out there. So far my favorite is this one by Laura Kukulski.
My favorite (although not arty, not really worthy of this contest) photo of myself post-mamahood is this one. I think it really captures the moment when Grant's feet hit the cold water at the kiddie pool, and I thought, "uh oh, maybe not such a fun idea!"

I think my sister should enter this one, which I assume was taken by one of her kidlets!

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