Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My New Pumpkin Girl Banner

Sometimes I feel like getting ready for a craft sale or selling stuff on etsy is escapism. I haven't balanced my checkbook in months, I have dirty laundry, and the dishes need to be washed, but I manage to update my blog, add stuff to my etsy shop, make new products to sell, and order supplies for No Coast. But doing fun things that make me happy should be all good, right?

Anyway, good or not, I made myself a new banner for my craft booth. I hung it on my fireplace to test it out. Whatcha think? It was easy to make. I printed out letters, about 5 to a page and made a thin black circle to go around them that served as my cutting line. Then I traced a bigger bowl to cut out the shapes for the background. Add a little gluestick and a hole puncher and some ribbon, and voila! A banner!

If I didn't feel like making one, I would have thought about buying this one from Mahar Dry Goods. Other banners that I like include this Merry Christmas one from meringuedesigns on Etsy and this Believe banner that looks a lot like mine from StoriaHome, also on Etsy. I'm really kind of digging the idea of getting one to hang on my fireplace for the holidays. Maybe since my house is sort of wood-y, I should get this super cool wooden banner from smallstump.

Anyhoo, happy banner hunting and wish me luck with mine!


biblio said...

TP - That looks awesome. I have been noticing your productivity - right on. I've been on a streak, too, now that I have some free time. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Anonymous said...

Dang! Banner extravaganza!

If we don't do things we like to do, the dishes will never get done, because we'll be too busy drowning our sorrows, over an empty life, in a bottle of bourbon or ~insert your liquor of choice here~

I really dig The Mahar Dry Goods Banner. It's all felty looking.