Monday, April 06, 2009

Goodby Grubby Hubby Tee; Hello Cute Kiddo Tee

My hubby thinks I have more clothes than him. Probably true if it weren't for all the 100s of tee shirts shoved in every crevice of his closet. Recently he parted with one (one!) and I decided last night to try to repurpose it into a small fry shirt for wee one. I realized my inadequate knowledge about sewing on stretch fabrics as soon as I started. The plain old straight stitch doesn't really work when you try to stretch out a neck to go over the head or things like that. Guess I'll have to call Granny Pumpkin and get a over-the-phone tutorial. But, for a first attempt it worked okay. And if I can perfect it into some pants and jumpers, then I'll have a potentially huge wardrobe for the little guy, made entirely out of punk shirts. Tres trendy, right?


Jen said...

Let me know the secret of stretch fabric. I've had the same question for ages.

Glad Mr. Pumpkin could part with 1 shirt! We wouldn't want him to run out of tees.

KristenMary said...

You should check out Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin. I got a copy from the library and it explains all of the ins and outs of sewing on stretchy fabrics. Cool project idea!!

Anonymous said...

gaw, we have hundreds of shirts in the garage that can't be parted with. let me know if you master the new baby gear style because if we ever have babies i may need your help!

urban craft said...

That is the most brilliant thing I have heard, my husband has cool tees and the ones for little boys can almost cost $40 for an 18month old. Great idea!