Saturday, October 31, 2009

Firsts: Trick-or-Treating for Halloween!

This year, a friend saved me from having to scrap Halloween altogether. I've been so overwhelmed with all the change going on in my life, exacerbated by the lingering creeping crud, that I left Halloween costume planning until 9:15 last night. At which point I grabbed this great green jumpsuit out of my "to finish" pile and whipped some snaps on it and called it done.

You see, my friend works for a pattern company and they had apparently sewn up one of their patterns as a sample. My friend snatched it up and gave it to me. It fit our guy perfectly, and he looked exactly like a mechanic (dontcha think?). The only thing missing is a little patch with his name on it. Unfortunately, at 9:15 last night, that added detail was not in the cards. And given that tonight it was 30 degrees out for Trick-or-Treating, the patch would have unfortunately been hidden under his heavy winter coat, anyway.

We started the evening at a friend's place with pizza and tricked up and down their block a bit. Wee one got the gist of the candy right away, although the houses with the scary stuff out front were not his cup of tea. We headed back to our friend's place pretty quickly and helped them hand out candy to other kids. The best quote of the night was when one mom asked her 2 or 3 year old son, "Now what do you say?" to which he replied, with hand outstretched "I want more!" It was a really great parenting first for me, and the cold weather didn't seem to be keeping people home. Next year I hope I have more time to prepare (mentally and literally)!

So here's to friend's thoughtfulness making my life so much easier this year! Cheers, and happy Halloween!

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It is awesome! He looks very stylie.