Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daytripping: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Last weekend we took a "Sunday Drive" -- and it was a much-needed escape from our runnings-around of late. We took a little drive to a nearby town called Cedarburg. It's cute and quaint and has a nice little downtown that seemed to be the gathering place for all the neighborhood peeps. There were two (two!) coffee shops, so we stopped at one called Cedarburg Roastery for delicious pick-me-ups. The coffee was awesome and the young staffpeople were super friendly.

After the coffee, we wandered around, meandering across a river and past the fire station, where we admired the old jail and all the big trucks. We hit up Amy's Candy, where I frothed at the mouth over all the unbelievable candy apples. Although I had to physically restrain myself from buying one of these $13 beauties, I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen more beautiful-looking apples. And I LOVE caramel apples, so it took some doing to talk myself out of eating one. Next time, I will just give in to the apples and skip lunch.

I seem to have missed quite a bit, though. Next time, I can wait to check out the Textile Museum and the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts. I think I'll hit those on a girl's trip, though. No need to torture the hubby, right?

It's really a cute town if you ever get the chance to take a stroll through it. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed poking around on our little daytrip!

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Blake Himsl Hunter said...

I'd go to the Textile Museum with you and Kristen.