Sunday, June 13, 2010

Firsts: Fishing Trip

My dad, the father of two daughters, the grandpa of two granddaughters, has only one grandson. My little Pumpkin. But that hasn't stopped him from taking his girls fishing. But I like to think it's kinda special that now he has a little guy to take out on the lake and show the ropes. This weekend he took him fishing for the first time.

We've been practicing with the fishing rod that he got from Grampy as an infant. It's been dropped in the lake, used to retrieve the toy helicopter off the roof, and used to "catch" the doorknob and open the door in the house. Finally it broke, so of course Grampy had to get him a new rod. And it worked great. We headed out Friday morning to Lake Waubesa in Wisconsin. The weather was perfect -- calm, warm but not hot, and overcast.
Once we got out to the spot that had been staked out ahead of time, it only took an hour to catch two little bluegills. Little Pumpkin only wanted to pet them, and throw them back. Which is exactly what we did. Mission accomplished, we headed for home to have some lunch. Little Pumpkin insisted that we "drive the boat fast" all the way back to shore. Which is exactly what we did.

It really couldn't have been a more perfect day. We caught fish, the weather held out despite predictions of rain, and Grampy and his only grandson got to bond over a new shared love for fishing! A good first.

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Maggie Gean said...

Love this, and the photo is wonderful