Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We have visitors in town this week and next, so I wasn't really up for attending Stitch 'N' Pitch this year, although I was very tempted. Apparently the deal is that a ton of knitters and crocheters go hang out at the ballpark and knit and crochet during the game. My knitting friends here in Wisconsin tell me that last year the game went pretty late into the evening, though, so I was leery that my eyes would be so bleary from being up with the newborn that I'd fall asleep in my knitting and someone would draw a skein of yarn on my forehead in permanent marker. It's strange that they don't do this at the Minnesota Twins wasn't until I moved here that I'd heard of this awesome yearly tradition.

As an alternative, I bought tickets for my visiting family to go to the Brewer game this week, and unfortunately it was 90 degrees out and we didn't have seats in the shade. We lasted less than an inning. My kiddo lasted about 30 seconds, and also hated the noise. Luckily, grandma volunteered to stay home with the baby or I would have fretted the whole inning through about her overheating. Well, maybe next year we'll try to catch another game...and hope the weather is a bit more cooperative.

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