Monday, August 02, 2010

To a Boy Who is Three

My little man is turning three today. It seems like he's been in our lives forever, but just three years and a day ago, it was just the hubby and I, wondering what life with a baby would be like. We wondered endlessly about how things would be different.

Would we ever get out for dinner together again? Would our baby be colicky, or calm? Would we be good parents? Would our friends still be our friends? What would our son look like? Would he have my's eyes?

When he came, we'd sit up at all hours of the night watching him, or listening to all his little sounds. As he got older, we just kept saying to ourselves, "isn't he nice?" and thinking how much we missed our old life, but would never give up our new life.

Little Pumpkin, you are so sweet, and so smart and so loved.

Doted on by us, no doubt. We can't believe what a big boy you are today. Full of joy and smiles and laughter and jokes and a love of chocolate and trains and your John Deere tractor. Happy Birthday, little man! You are my sunshine!


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday kiddo! It's my husband's birthday today too, I will let him know he's in good company.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Grant! Isaac can't wait to come and visit you.