Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New House (New Life) Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today, we signed on the dotted line. We took a big, scary flying leap and landed pretty much right where we wanted to. I was three months pregnant, the working mother of a toddler, and the proud owner of a new home in a new state. Oh, and I changed jobs to make this all happen. Did I mention that it was insane? Do I have to even go through all the emotions and excitement around our house? It was, in a word, a whirlwind.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve plodded along making the new house “our home” and doing all the typical things you do when you relocate – find the closest coffee shop (Starbucks), meet the neighbors (awesome), get acquainted with the area (5 minutes to the closest thrift store, 8 minutes to work, walking distance to Fleet Farm, biking distance to the pick-your-own-strawberry patch, and down the street from the park and school), etc. We’ve mourned the distance between us and our good friends. We’ve missed our favorite restaurants and gotten accustomed to living in the suburbs. We’ve noticed the subtle differences in “there” and “here” such as my new favorite expression: “stop and go lights.” Have you ever heard that one? Charming, I tell you. You betcha.

Now we’re embarking on something different, I think. Less exploratory, more formative. I mean forming a life where we are. And who we are – now a family of four. My oldest (“old” seems like the wrong word to describe a three-year-old) kiddo is in preschool a couple of mornings a week, the little one starting to eat “real food.” I’m settling into the new job. Daddy is settling into stay-at-home dadhood in the new ‘hood. I feel like this year, I have my focus back. Last year I just tried to get my feet under me and try not to let the new job/house/state/baby/lifestyle/friends get to me too much. This year, I’m thinking about some goals. It’s a fuzzy concept so far, but it just feels like a big year, begging for focus and intention.

You? Are you planning on making goals for 2011? Or how about New Year’s Resolutions? If you would, share! I need some inspiration.


Blake Himsl Hunter said...

One 2011 goal I have is too hang out with you guys more often!

Elizabeth said...

Umm...now I think my goal is never to say "stop and go lights" again! Just kidding, I haven't (knowingly) said it in years. But you've inspired me to start thinking of some goals!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what "stop and go lights" means :(