Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrift Store Thursday

This week I had to forego Thrift Store Thursday due to an office holiday party and “ugly Christmas sweater” contest. I was disappointed about not going thrifting, but excited about the fact that I got to wear one of my stashed ugly sweaters. I even brought an extra with me and my coworker wore it. Not to worry, though — not a week goes by here where I don’t get a chance to hit up at least one thrifty sale.

Last weekend, we headed to Granny and Grampy’s house hoping for some good times and a little “date night” action. We had very low expectations on the date night (or date day, for that matter) as my littlest pumpkin has been suffering from stranger danger for about two months. It started with being afraid of anyone but daddy, and now at least mommy is in the “in crowd” but no one else. Even looking at her from too close a distance was a recipe for that sweet little bottom lip to start to slide out like a tectonic plate.

But, as if a switch had been flipped, Friday the stranger danger ended. And thank God! Hubby and I got some good, quality alone time, finally (otherwise known as “time to go to the thrift stores together, without anyone begging for a toy or spending an hour in the toy department trying to ravage everything in sight). And after the kids were in bed, we even had dinner together. Out! Alone! With no interruptions! Ah, life is good!

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