Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newest Knitting

Hi! I've been on blog hiatus, and it's been really nice, actually. I feel like I may possibly have something to talk about these days, and looking back on my blog over the last few years it's kind of fun to remember all the goings-on in our lives. Since moving to Wisconsin and hooking up with the Yarnivores (my local coffee-shop knitting clutch), life as a knitter has been great. I cannot tell you how much a difference it's made to have this group of ladies to shoot the breeze with and to go to with all my knitting dilemmas. They are also a wealth of ideas and patterns, so my list of knitting to-dos gets longer every week!

Here's a little something that's been on my list for a long time. It's called the Dottie Wrap, and a friend of mine knit one and I fell in love. Mine is not nearly as nice -- I'm actually really bothered that it curls on the edges and my blanket stitch isn't super perfect. However, it's done, and what is SO COOL about it is the vintage buttons along the top. Love that.

So, anyhoo, it's good to be back and hopefully I can keep updating this blog. It's a good outlet for me to babble on about what-nots and what-have-you. And I miss you all when I'm gone.

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Jen said...

Great job! You mentioned the curling, did you block it? That sometimes helps. I can't wait for us to wear them together!