Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weirdest Estate Sale of 2011

Wow. Let me tell you. This was pretty interesting, and really advantageous that I am completely and totally UNafraid of mice.

I was tipped off to this sale near my office by my coworker who is my Thrift Store Thursday co-conspirator. I walked in, and realized that it was 95% garage sale, 5% estate sale. This week is spring break week in our area, so the kiddies were home and they were having fun.

When I went to the kitchen to pay, this little mouse was running out from under the fridge out to where the kids had thrown chunks of Velveeta on the floor. They were patiently waiting to lure this little dude out with the cheese and they had their butterfly nets ready.

I don't think they succeeded in catching him, but the whole family seemed completely unfazed both by the fact that they had a mouse (or many mice...?) or by the fact that, during this event, their kitchen floor was littered with cheese. Hm. Anyway, it reminded me that I need to cultivate a zen mama perspective and not get too uptight about the (very) little things in life. Like mice. Here are some of my recent scores, although none from the "mouse house."

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Jen said...

Good for you. I would have turned into Judge Mama at the point. But at least the kids weren't trying to hurt the mouse.