Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Garland Crazy

Photo from Country Living

I am so in love with this kitchen I might have to hunt it down and move in. It came from a slideshow on Country Living's web site about holiday garlands, which I am also obsessed with. See, I need to move in, right?

I'm going to make a holiday garland this year, rather than use the one I have. I have a garland made out of real feathers. It's really cool and rustic looking (not the fake, bright colored craft store feather style) but it's just not exciting me any more. I'd love to do the natural pine boughs on the mantle this year, and make a garland from fabric to hang on the tree.

If anyone knows where I might find that kitchen in the photo, let me know. My bags and pots and pans are already packed.


Granny said...

I wish it was just down the street from me, but, alas it is not!

...and she lived... said...

When I first saw that kitchen I thought maybe it was a picture of yours before I started reading. I was incredibly jealous for a minute there.