Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweater Knitting and Scone Baking

I have a tradition, two years in the making, to make (rather than buy) Little Pumpkin's Christmas and birthday gifts. The way Mr. Pumpkin and I see it, he gets spoiled enough by his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, that he doesn't need more from us.

Last Christmas I knit him his first stocking and this year I decided to knit him a sweater. I chose a free pattern for a ribbed baby jacket that I got online that originally appeared in Prima back in 2005. The pattern is also in the book Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. I only saw it pictured for girls, but I think my version in indigo (and I chose not to do wool so it would be washable) with a manly leather-covered vintage button turned out pretty good. It's kind of his "old man" sweater. Now, I'm going to wrap it up and he can open it on Christmas and act surprised.

In other news, baking-wise I think I may be back in action. I baked these scones this weekend from my Dorie Greenspan baking book and they are PHENOMENAL. I substituted whole milk for buttermilk, and they are still awesome. I could seriously sit down to a plate of them, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Three days later they are still tasty and delicious. Maybe cookies just aren't my thing right now. We'll see, though. I have a batch of Greenspan's Midnight Crackles chilling in my freezer. Here's hoping they're edible!

At work lately we've been doing a lot of recapping of 2008 accomplishments. I think I might have to recap my personal accomplishments this year, just to see if I've been more productive at work or at home. It's going to be a tight race between "refiled random papers in cubicle to appear more productive" and "taste tested many batches of cookies to determine missteps and correct errors." If I do the recap, I'll post it here.


Jen said...

I LOOOOOVE the sweater. Baby Pumpkin looks like a little Mr. Rogers - all he needs are elbow patches. I might try that pattern for my little guy. I'm going to copy your tradition of handmade gifts, too. Especially at this age, he has no wants.

Glad you're back in the baking biz.

Granny said...

Love the sweater.

Now, when you say spoiled by the grandparents - you were talking about those other grandparents, right? You certainly could not mean the Wisconsin Granny and Grampy!

Laura said...

I wish I could knit....and I wish I could eat those scones!!!!

Anonymous said...

That little bébé is lokking less lie a bébé and more like a toddler. He's a growing. But I guess the distinguished old man sweater probably makes him look more mature.