Monday, December 15, 2008

My Holiday Plans

I made these felted ornaments from my all-time favorite knitting book, Holiday Knits. Now, I'm by no means a knitting book expert seeing as though I only have 3 or 4 of them total. But of those 3 or 4, I've knit more out of Holiday Knits than any other. Anyhoo, the ornaments are super easy to make, provided you do NOT felt your own hand with the needle felter. OUCH!

I'm starting to formulate all of our holiday time. Here's what's on the Pumpkin Itinerary for the next two weeks:
1. Trip to the grandparent's for eating, drinking and being merry
2. Visiting with lots of friends from "back home" possibly including State Street bar hopping
3. A rousing game of Big Ass Bingo with some "choice" prizes we've found throughout the year and have been stashing
3. Sledding, provided that the grandparents get the foot they are expecting today
4. A tour of Capital Brewery for Mr. Pumpkin
5. A trip to Grand Rios water park with the wee Pumpkin and his cousins
6. Some Golden Gopher Hockey (wee Pumpkin's first hockey experience)
7. Baking more scones
8. Possibly a little Peef the Christmas Bear
9. Enjoyment sleeping past 6 a.m. (this one could be all too optimistic)

What's on your holiday agenda?


Laura said...

drinking. lots and lots of drinking.

hey...I put a cookie recipe up JUST FOR YOU...MUST bake them....NOW....

Jen said...

Hey - when's the bar-hopping happening?

Do ya wanna meet the little dude on Saturday?

We can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

What foot are you parents waiting for? huh?

PumpkinGirl said...

Sonya -- forgot to spedify a FOOT of snow!

Laura -- thank you and I'm on it!!!

Jen -- oh, yeah! Bar hopping for sure! Saturday sounds great!