Friday, August 21, 2009

Easy Project: Recycled Laptop Cover

I love projects that I can complete in an hour or so. I'm big on instant gratification. That's why I've never gotten good at knitting -- it just takes too much time. I love the feeling of taking an idea and turning it into something useful and tangible. I don't want to go to bed wondering whether my idea was ridiculous or as brilliant as Spanx (and will result in me becoming as rich and famous like the woman who invented Spanx). That's also why I love Project Runway. I get to see the results in one episode.

This project is so easy almost anyone can do it!

1. First, I measured my laptop. Mine is 14.5" x 10".
2. Then, I measured two pieces of fabric that were roughly twice the long side x the short side, adding an inch or so for stitching (Just about 31 X 11).
3. Next, I stitched them up on the long side, creating two identical sleeves or pockets (you could test putting your laptop inside now, just to be sure it fits). Press both pocket so the seams lay flat and trim the corners.
4. Then, cut the end off of an old tie. Or, if you want to use a ribbon closure, cut two lengths of ribbon.
5. If you are using ribbon, sew the ribbon to the outside of the pocket that will form the outside of your cover
6. Turn the pocket that will form the outside of your cover outside in (so that the seam is on the inside).
7. Place this pocket (with seams still facing in) inside the other pocket with the seams facing out; the finished seams should face each other. Tuck the tie or ribbon into the "sandwich" lined up with the center of the cover (midway between the side seams). Pin in place.
8. Now sew all the way around the top of the cover, leaving a few inches to turn inside out.
9. Turn the project inside out so that the seams are enclosed.
10. Press around the top; topstitch around the top enclosing the section left open for turning.

Note: I sewed velcro on the back of my tie and onto the front of my cover; however, you could do a button and buttonhole, ribbons, just about anything to close the cover up. If you do use velcro, add it to the front cover in step 5 instead of adding ribbon.

The best part of this project is that I totally screwed it up, but was able to salvage it. My sewing machine, bless it, SUCKS as the automatic buttonhole feature. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it does not work. Therefore, I tried at first to create a button and buttonhole closure and ended up totally ruining the front of this tie, which I love. To cover up the goof, I ended up making a yo-yo and stitching that on -- it also covers up the addition of velcro!

I hope my new little friend loves her new fall apparel. I sure think she's going to be well-dressed!


Jen said...

Awesome job - I love the yo-yo. You should start selling these on etsy!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It's fantastic!! Oh my gosh, I love it. Well done.