Monday, August 10, 2009

Horsin' Around

I wish it wasn't true, but if asked whether I'm a city mouse, or country mouse, I'm the former. I'm a city slicker who likes flush toilets, dislikes bugs and is uncomfortable with being away from a shower for more than a 24-hour period. I didn't spend a single weekend growing up in a tent (other than a few spent with my high-school buddies in Wisconsin Dells, which really truly doesn't count). So when my sister told me she'd purchase 14 acres of land for the sole purpose of sleeping under the stars and, what our family lovingly refers to as "dootin' around" out in the woods, I was not found quickly throwing my tent and sleeping bag in the car and heading out. It took me all summer to get there, actually.

Once we were there, I was thinking, hmmm, let's see...14 acres divided by four humans multiplied by the number of ticks that could cover the surface of my body...ew! After I pried myself out of the car, though, I can honestly say I enjoyed it. Well, at least until I went into the woods and was inhaled by mosquitos. Then I acted like a bratty baby and ran out of the woods swatting and itching and cursing. Luckily my kid is too little to notice my bizarre behavior and he had a great time discovering toads, throwing old cans in the "crick" repeatedly and playing with the path-clearing tool "game."

The best part about the new hangout (in my opinion) is the neighbor's horses. Have you ever stood and listened to them graze? It sounds exactly like what's happening: a giant animal is literally tearing grass out of the earth. It's incredible, and it makes me glad they don't eat human hair (they don't, right? eeeeek!). They made the most interesting noises, not at all the "neigh! neigh!" I've been teaching my son.

Hopefully, with time, I'll get over my aversion to bugs and affinity for indoor plumbing and spend some more time at the "land." Tonight, though, I'll be snuggled up with all my city mouse conveniences enjoying the snapshots from my day as a country mouse!


Jen said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm a city mouse that likes proximity to the country. Best of both worlds. Sounds like your little pumpkin had a blast!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

hee!! I love this post. I'm by and large a country mouse but I too swat and curse at the raptors they call mosquitos here. And ticks? Come on, no one should have to deal with ticks.

Horse are remarkable aren't they? I love their noises and scent and I've only ever had one eat my hair once. :D