Friday, August 07, 2009

Goodbye, PC; Hello, MAC!

When I was a kid, I had -- I forget if it was a sticker or a tee shirt -- something with the phrase "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I felt like I had that kind of day, today. I walked into the local camcordercameraTVcellphoneappliancecomputer store intending fully just to "comparison shop" and went home having spent more than twice what I had intended and getting something that was totally not even on my short list of possibilities. I went home with a mac laptop! At least I wasn't shopping for a DVD or something...

I have almost always been a PC girl, aside from a short stint in college where I posed as a graphics design student while I figured out what I might be good at and what might actually pay the bills. Mr. Pumpkin is a Mac guy, so I'm blaming this purchase partially on him. He's totally a Mac-groupie (like most Mac owners seem to be).

In my defense, however, this computer is supposed to last a lot longer than it's PC counterpart. And, I figure hubby and I will really share it, so that's sort of halves the total cost right? And I work hard so I deserve it, right? Right. Whatever. I overspent but I got a heck of an awesome computer that will basically do my dishes and clean my house after it's done editing my films and photos and turning my musical inclinations into a Garage Band.

The only thing that worries me about the computer is that it's kind of smarter than I am. And it's definitely more attractive and slim. Who's to say my hubby will even need and want me anymore, now that SHE'S come along. Well, of course she doesn't cuddle and she's as of yet not able to get beers out of the fridge. So I guess I'm still in business.


Jen said...

So long as Wee Pumpkin doesn't start calling her "Mama", your purchase was a good one. Enjoy!

ellen said...

dude! congratulations! i heart my mac laptop soooo very much. i don't know anything about computers and when i had a PC i didn't care, but this you will find is a whole new world. now, even though it is totally out dated years later, i still love it! i hope you have a long loving relationship with the new mrs. parker :-P