Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Product: Kid's Breakfast Shirt

My poor little sweetie has been sick for two weeks. After about 9 days we went to the doctor and she gave us some meds to pick up if we felt we needed them. Well today was about day 14 and we broke down and got the meds. He's been off and on a complete a-hole for at least a week. Like, two hour screaming/crying jags. Hauling out of the restaurant fits. You name it. And of course that could all be chalked up to having a two-going-on-three-year-old, but it also probably doesn't help that he has a constant runny nose and a hacking cough.

Hopefully the meds will help. Otherwise, mommy and daddy will need meds. At least daddy can drink. Mommy is busy baking the next holy terror! UGH! Despite his tyrannical behavior and the fact that I have contemplated locking myself in the bathroom several times this week on his account, I did find it in my heart to make him a new tee shirt this weekend. Even though he loves pancakes, I thought it would be a little easier to depict the classic breakfast. So that's what he's got. His brand new breakfast shirt, complete with bacon, eggs, and toast.

My mind was actually totally blown by the fact that he wanted to put it on immediately. And he put it back on this morning. He's so obsessed with trucks and diggers and John Deere, and so OPINIONATED, I figured that shirt would go the way of many things I make him -- the back of the closet. It was a good surprise. I decided to throw this in my Etsy shop and see if any other breakfast-lovers find a need for a shirt like this. It's seeming to become a favorite in our house...!


Anna said...

That is way too cool. I need to get on that whole having kids thing, so I can dress them up real cute. :)

KristenMary said...

I don't know which is cuter, the kid or the shirt! My sister always reminds me that Nature makes babies/kids cute for a reason. So that parents don't abandon them when they are acting like a-holes! Good luck this week! Hopefully with the warmer weather you'll be able to go out into the sunshine. That should help anyone's mood. :-)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Hey my kids wear their breakfasts on their shirt all the time but never has it looked this cute.

My kids are usually a-holes just before the full moon. Seriously, like clockwork.

I hope yours is feeling better soon. Hope you're feeling good too! Congrats!