Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Yard Wonders Wants YOU!

I don't think I have to repeat that it was a super-mega thrill to have one of my projects included in the first edition of One Yard Wonders. But to be offered a shot at possibly being in TWO books? Well, it might just be too much for me. But you should submit your project! You've only got a couple of weeks left to get your submission in, so what are you waiting for? DO IT! It's loads of fun, even if you don't get picked.

This follow-up book is going to be organized around fabric types. Flannel, wool, silk, oilcloth, all manner of interesting fabrics to consider. I imagine this book will be FULL of unique and interesting things to make. Check out the pitch and see if you've got something to contribute. Then I can buy the book and try out your pattern! Everyone wins.

Maybe somehow I'll scrap together 30 seconds to submit something. Then again, maybe I'll just bask in the glow of having been published once!

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Crystal said...

Thanks for posting this. Also, they extended the date to the 7th I believe. But alas, if I had more notice maybe, but i'll have to sit this one out. My higher brain functions just aren't up to par right now.