Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Awesomeness

I have to admit that I probably love going to thrift stores and garage sales more than any other store there is. Yep, yarn stores, fabric stores, even bakeries (did I just say that?!) come in second. I have very, very fond memories of childhood when EVERY Saturday we loaded up in the car and headed out around 8 a.m. to see what sort of bargains we could rustle up. Then, tired and money spent, we'd hit Donut Land, a little donut joint on the south side of Madison, Wisconsin near where I grew up.

I remember there were various eras of our garage-saling traditions. The year we bought nothing but weird stuff like owl lamps and wicker chairs to outfit the cabin "up north" my parents bought with some friends. Then, later, the era in which I bought every piece of vintage jewelry and clothing I could get my hands on, including the sweater I eventually wore in my own wedding.
So it's no wonder, I guess, that I spend a fair amount of time thrifting now. And if I'm lucky to be off work on a Thursday or Friday (the best days for 'salin' in my opinion), I hit up my share of yard sales. Last weekend, we hit some local places and struck gold. Most of this stuff I'll be selling in the I Love Vintage Stuff Etsy shop I run with my mom (gotta make some extra diaper money, don't come cheap). But I did stash away a few things for myself. Even wee one came home with a cache of new books and a giant Thomas the Train floor puzzle. Bonanza!

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