Sunday, May 03, 2009

Five Things Making Me Happy Now

Here are some things that are making me happy this week. In no particular order:

1. First pedicure of the season with girlfriends, magazines and a hidden Peanut M&M pounder bag.

2. My first-ever walk home from work (5 miles! Uphill!)

3. The discovery on my walk home of a fence made from skiis

4. Wee ones hip, new Vans shoes

5. Digging in the garden, planting tomatoes, yellow and red peppers and of course PUMPKINS!


Jen said...

Good stuff!

Laura said...

that is happy stuff!

FYI...I have a give away today, and you really should comment, cause today is my one year blogging anniversary, and did you know that besides my sister and friends, you were my very first person to comment????????????????????


Anonymous said...

Those shoes rock, and the walk and the toes and the skis too!