Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garage Sale Bliss

If you're looking for me Friday mornings this summer, or any weekend morning in the summer, I'm either at the farmer's market or garage sales. It's been a ritual since childhood when the whole Pumpkin family would load into the gray Pontiac Sunbird (my family's first new car...ah, the luxury!) and hit sales all morning, weaving our way to the south Madison DonutLand for a big ole pile of donut awesomeness.

Nowadays we tend to skip the donuts, but we still hit the sales hard, especially if there's a neighborhood sale going on. Our neighbhorhood is having a big sale in a few weeks and so we'll be pedaling our own wares out in the driveway that weekend. Bummer. I wonder what kind of great stuff I'll be missing out on.

So here's a good indicator of what sort of garage sale freak I am. My wedding? You know, where I got to be the prettiest one in the room and twirl around and look like a princess? My top for my wedding dress came from a garage sale. No kidding. Some day I'll post photos because you won't believe it. Vintage garage sale awesomeness. My ultimate goal is to some day make it to the 100 Mile Garage Sale. I bet the people watching alone is worth it.

Anyway, anyone know how to find out about the local neighborhood sales in the Twin Cities? I used to look for the annual list in the Star Tribune, but last year they didn't publish one. Dang, I LIVE by that thing!


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I'm going garage sale-ing today and I'm all kinds of excited. I only get to go every couple of weeks but oh mannnnnn do I love it. :D Garage sales are a big deal up here in Brainerd-land. Everyone is out and about looking for deals.

Sending you good thrifting vibes.... :D

Laura said...

did you try Craigs list???

Anonymous said...

You're the person who taught me how to go garage saleing. I miss those summer mornings!!