Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama to Mama

Mamas everywhere are brunching, hugging, being loved, being pampered and enjoying their families. Or, like me, savoring naptime by doing any variety of things alone: blogging, sorting fabric, working on birth announcements for a new nephew soon to be born. My wee one toddled down the hall to me this morning with the gift of Muppets in his hand, and that's all I really needed (in addition to naptime). He's been addicted to it for about the last two weeks, and although it's never been my goal to have my pre-two-year-old addicted to TV, at least it's not Elmo (which is what he calls it).

I hope all the mamas (and grand-mamas) out there had a wonderful day. If you haven't already been showered with love, I'm sending some your way.

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Anonymous said...

So when are you having your next bébé??