Sunday, April 25, 2010

After: Backyard Goes Bird Friendly

Slowly, we've been transforming the inside of our house. With the warmer weather and greener grass the Spring has sprung on us, we're beginning to look outside. We have the luck (not sure yet if it's good or bad luck) of having a totally clean slate here. Other than a few bushes and trees, there are NO flowers, NO veggies, NO nothing planted in your big yard. And aside from one bird feeder, we have no means for sustaining all the critters that come to hang out in our yard.

Our first step was to add a bird bath (cool tiered dealie we got for Christmas with a pump that runs the water through it making a beautiful running-water sound all day) and start to fill the bird feeder with food. Then, albeit a bit early, we added a hummingbird feeder. Then, my handy dad whipped up 5 new birdhouses for our feathered friends, which we hung all over our yard. We've got one bird feeder left to hang up and we're ready for the flocks.

Next project up is our great backyard veggie garden. We've got a great design (thanks again, dad!) and have the dirt sitting in the driveway. Now we just need to get all 40 or so wheelbarrows full of it back to the garden and get everything planted. No biggie, eh? Good thing the hubby is so good natured, or I'd be sunk trying to do all this myself. He's not much of a gardener, so he's really put up with a lot!

Well, all weekend we had rain so the yard plans came to a screeching halt. Let's hope next weekend looks better. I can't wait to share our successes and...ahem...learning experiences...with the new garden!

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