Friday, April 09, 2010

After: New Curtains for Baby's Room

This room in our house is undergoing a very gradual transition from craft storage dumping ground to guest room to new little girl's room. First and foremost, I had a vision for curtains. I have been known to pick things up at Ikea having no idea what to do with them (Wait, you do that, too?). So several years ago I picked up this cute kid's comforter cover and pillowcase with rhinos on it. It's been sitting in my stash just waiting for this project. It fit the window perfectly and I didn't have a bunch of leftovers hanging around, so I felt like I even got a little destashing out of it -- bonus!

If you're wondering where I got the inspiration for the curtain rod, it came from a tutorial for an Eames-inspired coatrack on I loved the idea of using those big wooden balls painted in cheerful colors, so I just picked a couple of them up at Michael's and they worked perfectly as curtain rod finials.

The next thing this room will likely get is a new Adam Turman print for the walls. Pretty sure it will be the Cycle the Twin Cities print with the cute girl riding a bike in heels, applying lipstick. I also have my eye on a cute print by Katie Daisy like this ABCs one or this one she keeps selling out of called How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's a fun work-in-progress. Hard to give up a great guest room, but easy to get excited about our new addition and how to welcome her to her space. Hopefully she's okay with the "beige" walls, cuz mama's done painting for a while! Phew!

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KristenMary said...

Yaaaaaay! Nesting!