Thursday, April 01, 2010

Retro Kid's Kitchen a la Craigslist

As I mentioned before, I am a newbie to Craigslist. Mostly because of my husband's skepticism. So after two successful purchases without being ripped off or murdered, I think we're on a roll. This second one was this beautiful retro 70s play kitchen. We already have a play kitchen cupboard we found in the garbage last year, but now that we're going to have two kids, well one play kitchen simply isn't enough, right?

Now to fill it up with empty egg cartons, cereal boxes and other fun things!! It's already been inhabited by our Melissa and Doug sandwich set, on loan from my sister's girls. What more could a kid need?

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Jen said...

I think I had this same kitchen as a kid - back in the 70s. Way cool!