Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing Matchmaker

Today I'm excited to participate in Kelly's Korner Blog "Show us your singles" day when people all over the country tell the world about a great guy or girl they know in hopes that a match can be made. Today I'd like to introduce my friend and coworker, Craig.

So here's the skinny on this eligible guy:
--Craig has strong Christian values and is involved in church activities
--He's 40
--This guy is outgoing, friendly and loves to hang out with his friends, especially if they're going out for seafood or Italian
--He grew up and lives in southeast Wisconsin
--Craig works in the financial industry
--His education is in Mass Communication and Psychology
--Music is a passion for him (listening versus playing)
--Sometimes he likes to inform us that whatever it is we're eating is really bad for us, which is an endearing quality -- he's really into being healthy and likes to work out and be active
--He's never been down the aisle (unless you're talking about the grocery store)
--He's funny
--He likes to travel (Seattle is one of his favorites)

Here's who he's looking for in that special lady:
--Strong Christian woman
--She likes to get dressed to go out, but is also comfortable hanging out in jeans and a sweatshirt (here's my interpretation: he's looking for someone who takes care of herself, but doesn't spend 4 hours getting ready to go out)
--She makes him laugh


Rebekah said...

Too bad I don't live in Wisconsin! :)

Good luck to Craig on finding a girl :)

Sarah said...

I don't live in Wisconsin either, but it would be fun to visit! I really like cheese. How would Craig feel about a trip to Boston (in the summer of course)? I've heard long-distance relationships work out occasionally.

Our family said...

We don't live in WI either but we live in the Twin Cities MN. My best friend is 38 and really has been more like a big sister to me all my life. She became a Christian as an adult and soon after that her husband left her. That was almost 7 years ago now and she has recently mentioned she might be ready to start meeting guys again ... for a long time she believed that she would just stay single. God has been telling her her has other plans, but she has not "met" anyone yet. I truly do believe that God has great plans for her life. She has 3 adorable dogs. She loves sports (especially hockey), she is a great aunt to my 5 kiddos. If Craig might be interested in getting to know someone in the TwinCities please email me:
ahsauerbrey1 (at) msn (dot) com

Heather said...

My friend is #182 on Kelly's list (we've been friends for 20 years). She is in her mid 30s and lives in Bloomington, IL...not too far from SE Wisconsin!! She is a wonderful, Christian girl who knows God is in control of her life. But I think God approves of a little match making!!! That's why I convinced her to set up a blog (which she has wanted to do for some time) and then after she set it up I told her I wanted to link it on Kelly's page. Of course, she was hesitant, but I'm pretty persistent!

If you think Craig might be interested you can email me and I'll pass on her email address.


hrsommer (at) hotmail (dot) com

April said...

Ladies... I'll vouge for the fact that Craig us a fabulous guy! I work with him and have had the priveledge of learning how people can really be kind by getting to know him. I'm happily married, so can't partake in the connection, but I can say any girl would be lucky to have him in her life.

Anonymous said...

He sounds very sweet!

I live in Minneapolis, I'm almost 30 (March), I'm a Bible-believing Christian, I LOVE to laugh, I'm kind of a picky eater (I don't eat beef or pork b/c I think they're both gross and they're harder for you body to digest, and I try to avoid "fake foods"), I work as a nanny now but used to be a marketing manager until I got laid off a couple years ago and now I love not being in an office, I'm quiet at first but definietly not once people know me and I just bought my first house this year.

If you or he wants to email me, you can at or on twitter at NannyBrittnie.



The Jacksons said...

After reading about Craig, I can't help but think of my sister. She is loving, caring, sweet Godly woman. She is a member of a big baptist church in St. Louis and serves in our AWANA program working with the cubbies. She is great with kids and loves the Lord. Her name is Lynn and she is 36 and lives in St. Louis, Mo. If you think Mark would be interested, e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

Although my best friend doesnt live in Wisconsin, she is open to the thought of moving. Karen is a 42 year old middle school teacher in Nashville, TN. She is is tall, blonde, and beautiful. She has been married once, but has no children. She is an animal lover and has three dogs.

She has a passion for NFL football and LOVES her Titans and Packers. She is an avid reader and an AMAZING cook. Karen is great with children and loves being an aunt. She loves to travel and visit new places. If I am thinking right, she has family in Wisconsin :). She has lived in LasVegas and other states. As a matter of fact, she told me last week she is ready to move agian. Her family is from IL.

If you are interested, send me an email and I will attach some pictures of her.


Shannon said...

One of my best friends and truly the kindest person I've ever met, lives north of Chicago (so probably not too far from Craig); she's 36 years old and waiting for God to bring the right man her way.

For a long time, she was a preschool teacher but right now she's working on becoming an accountant (studying for the CPA exams). She has a beautiful voice and sings at her church. If Craig would like to know more about her (her name is Amy), you/he can email me and I can start the matchmaking. Thanks!
shannonhowl (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cassandra Beverly said...


Oh, I just have the feeling I should put this out there for Craig! I have the greatest older sister who is single - Abbie is 27 and lives in Minneapolis, MN. She is a nanny while applying to grad school for social work! She is a Godly woman, adorable, and totally lovable!

she is the one in the blue polka dotted dress!

Mandy said...

he is very cute! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi from St. Louis. My name is Kim, and I am 41, grew up in Illinois, graduated from U of I and now working in the financial industry in St. Louis. I was previously married and have a wonderful 4th grade girl. Right now it is snowing in Missouri, probably looks a lot like Wisconsin here today. Wisconsin is a great state. I have been to Madison and Door County in the summer.

Craig seems like a great guy. I am wondering what type of music he listens to. I love hearing live music in small venues.

If Craig would like to e-mail, he can at I can then send a photo.

Got to love Kelly for doing this. So fun! Take care.

MJ said...

A good friend from college forwarded a link for your blog to me,thinking it sounded like Craig and I have a lot in common- sounds like it to me, too.

I also grew up and am now living in south-eastern WI, love music, really love travel, and am in a professional career. Activity and healthy diet is important to me as well. I've never been married and am in my early 30's.Christ is first and foremost in my life.

Your "looking for" list of Craig's sounds like me to a T.

If Craig is interested in contacting me, he can do so at jane_austen_fan @ hotmail dot com.

MandyJo013078 said...

I live in Minnesota and I'm 32 -is that too far/ or too young? Either way contact me and let me know?

Thanks so much!

Amanda said...

Wow! I see you have a lot of comments already. If you're interested in looking at my friend's info and pictures, here is my link:
My friend is 34, and she lives in Ohio. Maybe far, but who knows what could happen. Comment or email me down the road (after sorting through all your comments!) if you want. :) - Amanda

amandabroadway at homtmail dot com.
Thanks! Good luck to Craig finding his Mrs. Right!

vcicarol said...

I love that Kelly did this and would like to suggest he take a look at my friend's blog where she posted pictures of a family visit with their daughter Amy(28) Amy is in Louisville,Kentucky, and works with Student Life Ministry, while pursuing her masters degree at Southern. She is one of the most lovely, fun girls we have ever met. She has a smile that lights up the room, a great sense of humor, and is incredibly selfless.
here is the blog address for my friend... Amy can be e-mailed at

Rachel said...

My friend suggested I take a look at Kelly's Korner and read about Craig. I am 35, live in Colorado, desperately love the Lord, enjoy travel and am crazy about my family. I have never been married, hence no children. If you think he might be interested you can send him my email