Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

Ahh, the dead of winter. Good times. The temperature hit 25 this week and so I trekked outside for a mile walk on my lunch hour yesterday. It felt WARM! Seriously sick when you think of it. But 20 degrees or more above last weeks highs, so it's all relative. All this balmy weather got me thinking about garage sales. And you know what? When I checked Craigslist, I found TWO garage sales! Indoors, mind you, but garage sales nonetheless. So of course, I hit them up.

One was a total bust, but the indoor church sale proved pretty okay. I got a great sweater and a cute vintage tank, so I consider it a success.

Now, I am really looking forward to the return of estate sales, garage sales, church rummages and everything that will break me out of what could definitely become a thrift store funk if I keep hitting the same spots as regularly as I have been.

Speaking of which, a friend who reads my blog said I should post my favorite thrift stores. Hmmm. Isn't that kind of like divulging grandmas secret apple pie recipe? Dare I give out my most closely held secret? Will you all go rush out and pillage my hot spots? Or should I play nice and share? I could definitely give a pretty good run down for Milwaukee area, Madison area and even my old stomping grounds in Minneapolis. Should I?


Gena said...

I love every uptick on the temperature because temps are directly related to number of yard sales in a given radius and I love yard sales! Tough dilemma on divulging your sources...I'm voting no (are we voting?) because it's a trade secret! But maybe you can offer your secret shopping spots for sale somehow, as a PDF? or for free as incentive for following your blog or leaving comments :) or some other kind of support for you or your blog. Quid pro quo. :)

Jen said...

Isaac and I have been so stir crazy that when the weather hit the mid 20s this week, we walked to the playground. He had a blast flying off the ice covered snow into the snowpiles.

I vote no to sharing your fave thrift spots. A gal's gotta have some secrets :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Well, you could just whisper your favorite Minneapolis spots to me since I'll be visiting there in a few weeks...

I cannot wait for garage sale season!

Anonymous said...

Bathtime needlepoint! yes!