Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Buy Handmade Pledge

There's a cool little web site encouraging people to buy handmade goods this holiday season. Of course, I both make, sell and buy handmade goods, so I fully support the cause. Not only that, but I help plan the No Coast Craft-o-rama where people all over the Twin Cities area can buy handmade from over 100 artists and designers. Not that I dislike the mall, or shopping, or buying some things that are mass produced (tights? underwear? toilet paper?), but when it comes to buying gifts, there really isn't anything I like giving or receiving more than something someone spent TIME on. Money is easy to come by in some ways, but creativity, time, thoughtfulness, originality...these are the things that make the receiver of a gift feel truly loved.

Please sign the Buy Handmade Pledge today!

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