Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Secret Friend!

My friend is having a birthday this weekend, and I'm spoiling her gift surprise on my blog. Am I lame, or just a tease? Hopefully she likes it! Hopefully it fits!

I would have to say this friend is my most stylish friend, so it's pretty intimidating making clothes for her. But, this fabric called out to me as something she would like. I know it's pretty off-season, but what the heck. She can wear it next summer. I used this Favorite Things pattern called Prairie Girl. Although she lives in Iowa, I don't really think of her as a prairie girl...but whatever.

Anyhoo...I like the pattern, and just made a few adjustments. In particular, I tacked down the neck facing and widened the facing around the bottom of the arm. I also sewed in the "dickie" as I'm really kind of opposed to dickies in general.

Happy Birthday, friend! I know you sometimes read this blog, so I hope I don't totally ruin the surprise!!


runamok said...

That is so cute!!!

biblio said...

OMG - I Love it! I was going to pretend that I waited until my birthday to open the package, but I opened it the day it arrived. It fits PERFECTLY!! I will send you pictures. You are the most rockin' craftster ever!!!! I'll call you tomorrow.