Friday, October 19, 2007

Make Your Own Corpse!

Just in time for Halloween, our friend Scooter has released his DVD on how to make your own corpse . I watched it Thursday night and it's really pretty awesome. He shows you how to make the whole thing using a styrofoam mannequin head, a 5-gallon pail, some PVC pipe and a lot of glue sticks. I don't think I'd have the attention span to make the whole thing, but I definitely could pay attention long enough to make the head. It turns out looking fantastically creepy.

The other great part about this DVD is the vignettes in between segments -- Scooter's beautiful assistant Boompira is also a talented upholsterer if anyone needs any work done!

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biblio said...

So what did you do for Halloween? We did nothing - admittedly lame. But we were gone over the weekend and missed the partays...