Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My TV Addiction: Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

Generally I don't become hopelessly infatuated with any show on TV. I've never been the type to say "I have to get home to catch Melrose" or "Let's go to Sex In the City Night down at the bar". I have to make one exception to this personal rule, however, for No Reservations. If it's on, look out -- I'm watching it.

What I most love about Anthony Bourdain's show is his sarcastic sense of humor. I particularly enjoyed the episode I watched yesterday in which he make the perfunctory visit to the Pina Colada joint in Puerto Rico (with the marble sign out front beckoning cruise ship tourists), only to sit and smirk smugly at the bar whilst sipping away at his drink, which came directly out of a massive mix dispenser behind the bar and included what else but a pink paper umbrella. I also love his jabs at Rachael Ray, Emeril and all other travel/food TV show hosts. He's so above that, right...?

His TV show isn't the only thing I admire about him. I also read his book Kitchen Confidential and enjoyed it quite a bit. I haven't read his other books, but they'll all be on my wish list for Santa this year.

So you'll understand my excitment that Mr. Bourdain will be stopping by Minneapolis for a talk and book signing at the Triple Rock on November 26th. I'm so there. The whole family is so there. I want my four month old to be able to say he had a brush with true chef/TV show/author genius.

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trophiogrande said...

He is great, I love it when his a guest on NPR. We should a double-family date for his signing.