Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007 Come and Gone

It sure seems like it goes quickly, doesn't it? I mean, I hardly had 400 cookies made when poof! done! I hardly had myself worked into a complete wreck before...ahhh, it's over. All the handmade goodies are made and gifted (except one...), all the cookies given away or eaten (except that huge batch of gingerbread in my freezer), all the stockings and ornaments up and looking great, and all of our blessings counted.

We had a wonderful little trip to Wisconsin, full of good food and company. Little Pumpkin of course is too little to really appreciate Christmas, but he really appreciated all the love, attention and new sights and sounds. We could tell he was taking a lot in when he fell asleep for his nap and giggled, frowned and "cried" his way through some serious baby dreams. What do babies dream of? Hugs, being tickled, eating, and that type of thing, I'm guessing. But it could be visions of sugarplums, I dunno. Or maybe dreams about all the wildlife he saw, like this little visitor:

I got some great handmade stuff from Santa that I might have to write up and show off. Really great stuff off of etsy. And a little gift to myself called Warm Fuzzies by Betz White. Betz was at No Coast a few years ago and I've been a big admirer of hers and reader of her blog ever since. I have just had a chance to page through it so far, but it's so cute it made me squeal a little. There's a girl's jumper in there that I so badly need to make into baby overalls. Too cute you must run, not walk, and buy it now.

I hope you all had a very peacefull and happy holiday and are staying tucked warmly in bed. I myself am snuggled into many new warm jammies and slippers and am about to go cozy up with a felting project that's not a Christmas gift. Yay!

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hey, your gingerbread house looks a lot better than the one that was created in my house (insert: homewrecker.)
The kids are darn cute and look like they were all jazzed up for St. Nick. By the way, did that freaky little critter come off Santa's sleigh? 'Cause that ain't cool, man.
PS: Maybe I should move Nordeast and start riding the Ghetto #10.