Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting Ready for Cookie Baking and Decorating

My little nieces and the whole family are visiting Saturday to celebrate my and my hubby's b-days (a thinly veiled excuse to visit the baby) and we're planning lots of fun stuff. I have a tree to decorate, a mantle to cover in fake snow and little houses and the above new snowman from FinnStyle. I am also plotting some cookie baking for my day off tomorrow. I definitely plan to make the gingerbread cookies out of my Tartine cookbook, and hopefully some sugar cookies from a recipe by my grandma's neighbor "Svenska" (whose real name was Dagne and who made the world's lightest, most crisp sugar cookies on earth). I'll publish that recipe here after I make them, hopefully with a photo.

Also, I think we have some sledding planned and some scallops and shrimp for "supper." Looking forward to it!


Felicia said...

Sounds like a fun time will be had by all. And I love that little snowman!

KristenMary said...

Sounds like an absolutely dreamy weekend! Plus all of this snow to make it extra festive. Happy Birthday!!!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...


PS: I am addicted to FinnStyle!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the two of you!