Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Husband's a Record Nerd: Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck

We do a lot of music listening around our house, due in part to my husband's extensive (makes Hi Fidelity John Cusack look like an amateur) record collection. Our Christmas collection is good, but it could be better. So, I'll give you our favorites if you'll give me yours!

Mellow, snuggle up with cocoa, reflect on the meaning of Christmas music:
John Fahey, Christmas Guitar Vol. 1
Low Christmas Album
Johnny Cash the Christmas Spirit

Fun, loungy, have a swingin' party music:
The Cocktails Winter Wonderland (sorry, not sure where you can get this...?)
The Beach Boys Christmas Album
Cool Yule (Various Artists/Chuck Berry/James Brown)
Original Soul Christmas
Dr. Demento's The Greatest Novelty Record of All Time Vol 6

Just buy it, and you won't regret it:
Trojan Records Jamaican Christmas Box Set
Bing Crosby Merry Christmas
Gene Autry Signs Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Not related to the Christmas music list, I just saw that 10,000 people signed the handmade pledge this year. If you signed the handmade pledge, thank you! There was a great article in the NY Times that I think you might like to read! I bought a lot of great hand made stuff this year; maybe I can recap after all my blog readers (hello family! hello friends!) have opened their gifts!

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

My Christmas music is a little trashier than yours :)
Santa's Messin' with the Kid - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Christmas with the Devil - Spinal Tap
Yellin' at the Xmas Tree - Billy Idol
Father Christmas - The Kinks
Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Tom Waits

I have them on iTunes if you want a copy!