Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Non-Sock Sock Yarn Patterns

Why don’t I want to knit socks? I can’t really explain it, myself. I bought this beautiful sock yarn from Aisha Celia and I’m not sure what to do with it. The colors were so beautiful that I had to have it, but I really have never wanted to knit socks. Maybe because they seem so utilitarian and this yarn is so gorgeous. I mean, no one really *sees* my socks, anyway, right? I generally sport the most un-exciting socks you can imagine – white sweat socks, black sweat socks, or black dress socks, depending on the day. That’s about the extent of my sockrobe (My portmanteau-of-the-day!). Maybe that all needs to change. My lack of sockspiration (another one!) might be my downfall!

So, I set out looking for patterns using sock yarn that I could attempt instead. It’s not such an easy task, I’ve found. There are about 20 million free sock yarn patterns on the internet, but a limited number of patterns using sock yarn, which are not themselves socks. Baby sweaters seem to be the most popular sock yarn sock alternative, but I am reluctant to dress my son in pink and green, so I think that’s out unless someone I know is expecting a baby girl. In case you find yourself in a similar predicament, here are some options for your sock yarn stash:

Lace Knit Hat
Mini Sweater Ornament
Knitty Hush Hush (Nightie)
Opal Baby Set (Sweater/Hat/Socks)
Girlfriend Shrug

What else is out there? Should I just give in and knit some socks? Suggestions welcome!


runamok said...

Socks are so fun! Baudelaire are good,, if you like lace - a lace scarf would be cute too!

NaloMeli said...

Thank you for links to non sock patterns. I do like doing socks, but some of the yarn colors are very pretty, but not what I'd wear in a sock. So...what is one to do?

Thanks again.

Patsy aka PJ said...

I'm working on gloves and a hat. I don't want socks either. My feet are no place for hand made goodness.

Jeannie said...

wish there were more patterns for sock yarn, other than sox, too! I would like to email you to ask some questions about the way you designed your blog. Do you have an email contact address somewhere on your blog? did I miss it somehow? We have a travel blog (plus I knit) and I would like to make changes to it but don't know how.

The Writer said...

here's a pattern I found with sock-yarn. (I messed up first time around because I used WAY heavier yarn! Looked more carefully at the pattern and saw the suggestion!)