Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Shower Madness!

Saturday I went to a baby shower, and now I'm planning one! My friend Jen is due in June, so I'm hosting a shower for her in April. I put together her invitations tonight, and I think they look darn cute. So cute that I also listed a set in my Etsy shop.

I want to plan a good craft project for the shower. I know everyone does onesies, and I'm not opposed, but I've been researching other ideas just to see what the options are. We also talked about a time capsule. I think the idea is to do something other than play games (especially the ones like candy bar/diaper-sniffing, which are gag-inducing to some). Anyone have any fabulous crafty shower ideas? I'm also hunting for great prizes for the guests and any other ideas you've got. I think this is my first baby shower hosting experience, so I'm in need of help!

Here are some neat things I saw when researching baby showers on Flickr!

Baby Block Cake
Dish Towel Apron Favors
Baby With Pacifier Cupcakes


jensmith98 said...

They are awesome! You rock!

Willa said...

I loved the game we played at your shower where we had to guess the baby features - whether you had picked yours or Jason's. Doesn't seem like many people know about that one.

That diaper game is just too much!