Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gettin' Busy Making Bibs

My good friend Kristen is expecting in March, and so I made her some bibs for the wee one. I knit up this bib in a really sweet baby blue and then in red, using a basketweave pattern. I would have liked to make this one with the sailboat, but I just don't know how to do the multicolor thing unless it's stripes. Here's another cute one for a girl, but she's having a boy so that was out. This one is cute, too, but much too patriotic (it's an American flag bib). If you want to sew one, here's a great printable pattern. This is another great sewn bib, with a little "catcher" for all the dropped stuff.

My little Pumpkin has just started his foray into solid foods, and I am having fun thinking up things to feed him. So far he has eaten squash, sweet potato, apple, rice cereal and banana. And thank goodness for bibs, because it gets everywhere. Especially on his pants. He likes to open his mouth up really wide, and when I come in for a landing with the little spoon, he clamps his mouth down and brings both hands in so he can shovel in the contents using his fingers. It's pretty hilarious. Then, for added effect, he sometimes blows bubbles with the food in his mouth. When he gets tired of waiting for me to refill the spoon, he starts to eat the high chair, leaving a lovely smudge of gunk all over it. Precious.

Next week, I'm unveiling a project I completed as a birthday gift, but haven't yet given away. I'm so hopeful that it fits; it's a first-time project for me. Yipes! Wish me luck!

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trophiogrande said...

Thanks for the bib and overalls, they are awesome!